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5 Daily Tips for Better Floor Care

When it comes to maintaining pristine floors in your place of business, everyday floor care is important. Staying on top of regular cleaning on your own time is a great way to invest in the health and longevity of all types of flooring solutions. However, floor care goes beyond the simple everyday cleaning measures. For long-term solutions to better flooring, professional floor care services are a must-have investment. No matter what type of business you operate, we can help with your floor care service needs at Eagle Janitorial. We believe in using green, eco-friendly methods to care for flooring of all kinds, from hardwood to tile and carpeting. Give us a call today or visit our website to learn more about all of our comprehensive services at Eagle Janitorial. In the meantime, jot down these helpful five tips for better floor care to help your floors remain vibrant for years to come. 

Vacuum and Sweep Often

First of all, regularly vacuuming and sweeping floors is a great way to stop dirt from becoming deeply embedded in fibers or grains. This will help keep your flooring clean looking until your next scheduled cleaning. If you have areas of your business with high traffic or that accumulate grime quickly, it’s important to stay on top of cleaning these areas daily. Eagle Janitorial offers janitorial and floor care services to help maintain a clean floor in every area of your business. 

Eliminate Scuff Marks

Tile flooring and hardwood floors often show scuffs where sneakers have left their mark. This creates an unappealing and drab appearance. However, it’s not always easy to simply wash away scuff marks. It takes professional floor care services to polish away these marks without harming your flooring. When you contact Eagle Janitorial for your floor care services, we are ready to remove even the most stubborn of scuff marks. Adding rugs in entryways and areas that experience high traffic is also a simple way to protect your floors from scuff marks in the future. 

Refinishing Floor Care Services 

Another helpful tip is to ask your floor care services experts about refinishing services for your flooring. Hardwood floors, tile floors, and even linoleum on concrete flooring can benefit from refinishing every few years to remain in optimal condition. Refinishing and polishing services don’t take long when they are done right by a professional. After your floors have been refinished, they will appear shinier, brighter, cleaner, and last longer before repairs or replacements are required. 

Stripping, Sealing, and Waxing Services

You might also require stripping, sealing, and waxing services from Eagle Janitorial’s floor care services. Stripping services can strip your flooring back to its original condition. This is most commonly used with hardwood floors in older homes or businesses that the owner desires to restore to their original condition. We can help! First, we strip your flooring. Then we seal or add a wax coating, depending on the type of material, to lock in its original beauty for ages.  

Hire Eagle Janitorial Floor Care Services

When it comes to all your floor care needs, we have you covered at Eagle Janitorial. If your floors could use some serious TLC at your home or workplace, we are the ones to call. We have over 15 years of experience handling flooring of all kinds, including vinyl, concrete, hardwood, carpeting, tile, and so much more. We want to help you achieve improved flooring in the blink of an eye, so don’t wait! Contact us by phone today at 888-730-1123.