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4 Ways to Teach Employees Basic Cleaning Protocols

When it comes to operating a business, the cleanliness of your business property matters. Not only does it leave a first impression on potential customers, which could affect profits, but it also affects everyone’s health and wellbeing. Therefore, maintaining a clean property should be a top priority. However, managing all the cleaning required to keep your business tidy and sanitary is sometimes a whole different ball game. That is why services like Eagle Janitorial’s cleaning and maintenance services are such a wise investment for all types of business owners. We also recommend making sure your entire team of employees is in the loop with basic cleaning procedures. Here are four ways to teach employees basic cleaning protocols to help your business stay clean.

Office Meetings 

One way to teach your employees about basic cleaning is to dedicate five minutes at the end of daily or weekly office meetings to go over cleaning needs. This is a great way to ensure everybody has heard about what needs to be done to keep your work environment safe and tidy. All it takes is a quick rundown of cleaning tasks that should be completed for the office to stay in top shape. Then a follow-up can be completed at your next meeting to ensure everybody is sticking to the plan. 

Assign People Responsibilities

Of course, you can also take a more direct approach and divide up different areas of communal workspaces for people to clean. This is an effective way to teach your employees responsibility and keep your office clean.  

Hire a Local Professional 

We also recommend keeping office-cleaning tasks to just the basics. It’s a good idea to leave the more complex and in-depth cleaning to your janitorial professionals at Eagle Janitorial. This is also a learning opportunity for staff. It teaches them to do what they can every day to keep their work environment clean and sanitized, but also reminds them to focus on their important work tasks. It’s a win-win for everybody. You received stellar OSHA-compliant cleaning care from our team, and your team stays on track with their work while maintaining basic cleanliness throughout the office. 

Rotate Cleaning Schedules 

If tidiness and cleanliness have been a past issue at your workplace, Eagle Janitorial can help. We recommend teaching employees about cleaning basics by creating a rotating schedule. One week, certain employees might tackle a bundle of simple cleaning tasks, and the next week we can stop by for more in-depth cleaning. We work with your hours, scheduling needs, and budget to provide the best janitorial services for your business. Plus, we go beyond emptying trash cans and mopping floors. We provide comprehensive business cleaning services, from floor polishing and rebuffing to window cleaning and disinfection services. 

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