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3 Signs Your Restrooms Are Not Truly Clean

When it comes to clean bathrooms, details matter. However, cleaning your home’s bathroom or bathrooms at a business of your own can be difficult when you have so many other responsibilities on your plate. That is where a professional restroom cleaning from Eagle Janitorial Services can really make a difference in your life and the cleanliness of your facilities. With full attention to detail and company standards that every technician follows to a T, we can leave your restrooms truly clean from top to bottom. Learn more about all of our comprehensive janitorial and cleaning services by visiting our website today. In the meantime, read on to learn about three signs your restrooms are not truly clean and how you can change that with our help today!

Lingering Odors with Improper Restroom Cleaning  

The first sign your restroom facilities are not truly clean is lingering odors. Even if things look clean on the surface, bacteria and grime build-up can contribute to unwanted odors. This is where attention to detail is really important. You can wipe away the dirt from sinks and mop the floors, but if there is human waste hiding under the rim of your toilets or leaking water around the base, odors might remain. While you can’t always determine how well your bathrooms are clean by the smell, unwanted odors are a key sign it’s time to step up your restroom cleaning game. 

You Don’t Clean on a Schedule 

If you currently don’t have a strict cleaning routine for your bathroom, then chances are it’s not truly clean. Bathrooms are used daily, which means they need regular cleaning. Depending on the traffic level of your facilities, you will want to create a cleaning routine that ensures they stay in top-notch cleanliness year-round. Eagle Janitorial makes it simple to establish a cleaning routine that works for you. Whether you are a home or business owner, we can work with your schedule for daily, weekly, or bi-weekly restroom cleaning. Reduce costs of cleaning services within your staff by having us stop by to deep clean your bathroom on schedule and ensure it’s truly clean all around. 

You Only Surface Clean 

The final indicator that you need Eagle Janitorial restroom cleaning services to truly clean your facilities is that you only surface clean most of the time. Emptying trash cans, wiping down mirrors, and mopping floors are all important aspects of bathroom cleaning. However, bathrooms can harbor dangerous pathogens, which means deep cleaning is critical. When we say deep cleaning we mean close attention to detail that accounts for all aspects of a truly clean bathroom facility. At Eagle Janitorial, our bathroom cleaning experts always inspect your bathroom facilities for areas that need some extra TLC. We not only mop floors but also clean grouting, disinfect surfaces, clean behind and around toilets, deep clean urinals, and even wash ceiling tiles to keep your restrooms pristine. 

Hire Eagle Janitorial Restroom Cleaning Services

When it comes to a truly clean restroom facility, we have your back at Eagle Janitorial. If you have noticed any of these warning signs of an improperly cleaned bathroom, let us help today! We have over 15 years of experience with janitorial services, including restroom facility cleaning for homeowners and business owners alike. Call us by phone at 888-730-1123 anytime if you are ready for professional restroom cleaning.