Here is your guide to restroom cleaning services.

5 Signs Your Restrooms Need Some Extra Attention

Bathrooms are a high-traffic area at your place of business. That means they can quickly accumulate grime, dirt, and – even though you can’t see them – bacteria and viruses. Therefore, it’s important to keep your bathroom spaces clean and sanitary at all times. However, staying on top of bathroom cleaning, even with dedicated maintenance staff, can sometimes be a stressful endeavor. The solution is simple when you utilize professional restroom cleaning services from Eagle Janitorial. Our team has years of restroom cleaning service under our belts and knows how to get the job done in-depth. Here are five signs your restrooms need some extra attention. Call us if you are ready to get started with our restroom facility cleaning services. 

Visible Build-Up

One of the most obvious reasons you might require an extra helping hand with your bathroom spaces is visible build-up. If grime and dirt are visible to your eyes, it’s also going to be noticeable to staff and customers alike. Furthermore, visible build-up is a key sign that certain areas of your restroom space are being neglected even with regular maintenance. When this occurs, it’s a good sign that a professional janitorial service might be a valuable investment for your business. 

Strong Odors

Second, strong odors are like a red flag for your nose, telling you that a deeper cleaning is needed for your bathroom. We realize bathrooms don’t always smell like a fresh field of flowers, but they should at least smell clean. If your bathrooms are erring on the side of stinky, then it’s better to get someone in who can help eliminate doors with a deep professional cleaning. 

Customer Complaints

Of course, if customers are complaining about the state of your bathrooms on a regular basis, it’s time to take action. If you don’t think disgusting bathrooms can affect your customer service ratings, then you would be wrong. It is your responsibility as a business owner to keep these areas clean and comfortable for guests. This goes beyond stocking extra toilet paper; it also means keeping sinks, toilets, flooring, walls, and lighting clean. You can make a difference in the ratings for your business with these small but consistent actions from Eagle Janitorial’s restroom cleaning services. 

It’s Been a While

Another sign you need professional restroom cleaning services is simply that it has been a while. You might think you do a good enough job on your own, but chances are a deeper clean could really benefit your bathroom space. Hiring seasoned professionals who go above and beyond can really make up for any gaps in your cleaning history. 

Overall Dingy Appearance 

Finally, if you walk into your bathroom spaces and just feel like it seems drab and dingy, you need a deep cleaning. Professional restroom cleaning services from Eagle Janitorial can help. We work with your business routine and schedule to perform our cleaning services at the best possible time for you. We can offer daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even bi-monthly cleaning services. Learn more about our approach to restroom cleaning services on our website today. Call us at 888-730-1123 to get started with your consultation now!