Building maintenance keeps your office looking its best

5 Building Maintenance Services Necessary for a Presentable, Clean Office

Be honest: how presentable does your office look right now? It may seem clean at first glance, but there can be lots of little things that you don’t notice when you are in the same space every day. To an outsider, those dirty windows or that carpet stain that you don’t see can create a negative first impression. Here are the top five building maintenance services you should ensure are happening on a regular basis in your office.

Building Maintenance Task 1: Trash and Recycling

Full trash cans are unsightly. Even when emptied regularly, your trash and recycling containers can still trap dirt and odors, so they should be wiped out each time they are emptied. It’s also important to have a handyman take a look at the bins themselves – are they beginning to crack? Do the lids still function properly? These small things can add up.

Floor Care

Office floors get dirty easily due to the large number of people walking in and out during the day. Hard floors need to be mopped often and waxed periodically as part of your building maintenance plan, which will help keep them shiny and looking their best. Likewise, carpets should be vacuumed and shampooed regularly. Small spot cleaning can be done right away for spills to ensure there are no permanent stains.

To help keep your floors clean, your office needs walk-off mats in the doorways that are cleaned every day. These mats will trap dirt and debris before it can make it into the rest of the office. 

Restroom Maintenance

We don’t need to tell you that bathrooms can get very dirty very fast. That’s why your building maintenance service should spend time on both the obvious and the not-so-obvious areas of need in your bathrooms. Make sure all toilet paper and paper towel dispensers are full and functioning properly, disinfect surfaces, and check that sinks are running and draining as they should. A handyman can repair any small leaks or clogs to keep your bathroom operating at its best.

Dusting and Polishing

Dust accumulates quickly, so your office needs regular dusting. Do you have display cases or art on the walls? Don’t let these get left out – they need to be dusted and polished too! Some other areas are easily forgotten, including blinds and air vents, so make sure these are cleaned frequently as well. 

Window Cleaning

Many office buildings have an impressive array of windows, but they can quickly attract the wrong kind of attention if they are smudged and dirty. Make sure your windows are cleaned often.

Building Maintenance with Eagle Janitorial 

At Eagle Janitorial, we can take care of all of your building maintenance needs. With our customized schedule, we will come as frequently as you need to keep your office looking like the clean, professional space it is. Why deal with separate contracts for your cleaning and other maintenance needs when we are the complete package? We can provide handyman services like changing light bulbs and minor repairs in addition to our janitorial services. Contact us today to get started.