Post Construction Cleaning

Post-Construction Cleaning Services Polish Your Project

The initial relief of completing a construction, remodel, or renovation project is often replaced with the stress of post-construction cleaning. Once the contractors finish a job, the site may be littered with trash and debris. The amount of dust covering surfaces can be overwhelming, especially when occupants are eager to begin moving into the space. Eagle Janitorial can take this burden off your hands and expedite the move-in phase of your project.  

First Things First: Clear Out Trash and Debris

Even the most well-intentioned contractor can leave a site cluttered with trash. From left-behind soda cans to pieces of debris, the site should be clear before post-construction cleaning can begin. This isn’t a concern when a project is handed over to us. Our personnel will take care of it before we begin your post-construction or post-demolition cleaning.

Essential Post-Construction Cleaning Services and Dust Removal

Construction, remodeling, and renovation work create large amounts of dust. This is dust that settles into cracks, coats surfaces, and accumulates in pipes and ductwork. Thorough cleaning and removal of dust will allow your finished project to be seen in the best light and can help protect the health of the building’s future occupants. 

Our post-construction cleaning services include wiping down and removing dust buildup from all walls and trim work. Our team does a thorough job and won’t miss important details like cleaning interior light bulbs and fixtures. 

We’ll thoroughly vacuum carpets and furniture upholstery. Desks, countertops, and appliances will look brand-new after we’ve completed a post-construction or post-renovation cleaning. Our crews will dust and sweep all stairs, landings, decks, and garages clean. 

We also clean and polish all windows, interior glass, and mirrors.

Eagle Janitorial has experience cleaning all types of hard flooring. We know which cleaning products are best to use on your newly-installed floors, and we can provide polishing and buffing services. 

Our post-construction cleaning services include complete cleaning and disinfecting of bathrooms. We’ll polish stainless-steel fixtures and add the finishing touches to will make your new space shine. 

Why You Should Leave Post-Construction Cleaning to Us

With so much to do as you finish a project, you can trust that Eagle Janitorial will handle the post-construction or post-renovation cleaning well and efficiently. This can also save you time to focus on other aspects of preparing the building for occupancy. 

When you choose Eagle Janitorial, you can rest assured that our staff is properly trained on safety equipment. Hiring a company with our level of professionalism and experience reduces safety risks on the job site. 

Eagle Janitorial is available 24/7. We can clean after workers leave for the day, or whenever works best for your schedule. We are happy to consult with you and create a custom solution for your post-construction, remodel, or renovation needs. 

Eagle Janitorial has been in business for 25 years. We’ve built a solid reputation in the areas we serve with local construction professionals. We have the experience to provide excellent post-construction cleaning services and work quickly. For more information on the post-construction cleanup services we provide or to schedule a consultation, contact Eagle Janitorial today.