a classroom setting with desks and chalkboards in 2021 article about school cleaning service

Finding a School Cleaning Service in 2021

The criteria for a school cleaning service is different than a business. In addition, the Covid pandemic changed standard expectations for cleaning in all environments. So, what should administrators look for when searching for a school cleaning service in 2021? 

Selecting a School Cleaning Service that Uses Green Products

Considering that some chemicals in janitorial products are toxic, it’s reasonable to ask a school cleaning service what types of products they use. Eagle Janitorial believes in making schools cleaner and healthier for children, which is why we use green cleaning products and procedures.

It’s also worthwhile to note that harsh chemicals in some cleaning products accelerate the aging process of school furniture. By choosing a company that uses green cleaning products, you not only do what is best for the children, but you also protect the material assets of your school. Not to mention, green products are better for the environment overall. 

Professional Cleaning Companies Need to Know Sanitizing Procedures

The Covid pandemic stressed the importance of properly sanitizing areas in public spaces like schools. When searching for a school cleaning service, ask them about their experience with sanitizing areas from pathogens like Covid.

Eagle Janitorial is unique because a large number of our clients are hospitals and medical facilities. As a result, our experience in sanitization is extensive. We know what products to use and make sure our employees take the necessary precautions when cleaning public areas. 

A School Janitorial Service that Acts Like a Partner

At Eagle, we take a partnership approach with our schools. We teach them about cleaning prevention and utilizing green products and procedures. We want to spread the word about why these procedures are better for our environment.

In addition, when we see something that can improve the cleanliness of a school, we recommend it. For example, when we start working with a school, we make sure they are using the right mats at entry points. Studies show that if the appropriate mats are used, it cuts down on 85% of dirt from entering the school. The result is a healthier and cleaner school environment. Also, it saves on cleaning costs. 

A School Cleaning Company Should Do Background Checks on Employees 

When you’re choosing a school cleaning service, it’s important to know their procedures regarding background checks for employees. At Eagle, we prioritize safety and security for our customers. Therefore, we conduct rigorous background checks on all employees. We also provide employees with uniforms so they are recognizable as the cleaning staff. 

Of course, a school cleaning service should be bonded and insured in this day and age. Eagle Janitorial is both bonded and insured. We carry General Liability and Workers Compensation insurance, which is important to most school corporations. 

Why Choose Eagle Janitorial for Your School? 

Eagle Janitorial has a successful track record of experience as a school cleaning service. We’ve established an excellent reputation with schools in our area of New Jersey. Also, we are leaders in transitioning to green cleaning supplies and procedures for schools. Additionally, we provide superior service at an affordable rate. 

We are happy to provide references or written testimonials upon request. Contact us for a free school cleaning service consultation today!