Green cleaning with Eagle Janitorial.

3 Reasons Green Cleaning Protocols Are Important

Maintaining a clean place of business is important. However, cleanliness at the cost of your safety from harsh chemicals isn’t the right route to go. That is why green cleaning practices are such an important aspect of any pro cleaning service. Hiring the right professionals who use environmentally friendly solutions should be a priority at your enterprise. Whether you oversee a school, medical facility, car dealership, or any other type of commercial enterprise, we can help with eco-friendly cleaning from Eagle Janitorial. You can visit our website today to learn even more about green cleaning. Here are just three of the many reasons green cleaning protocols are important. 

Eagle Janitorial Cleans the Green Way

We use green cleaning solutions and we get the job done right the first time. Eagle Janitorial avoids harsh chemicals. Eco-friendly techniques ensure the safety of your employees, customers, and visitors. Harsh chemicals cause skin irritation, breathing problems, and are rarely necessary. Also, green cleaning solutions are effective at reducing grime, killing bacteria, and leaving your business pristine. That is why more businesses are opting for greener cleaning solutions when they hire professional services from Eagle Janitorial.  

Improve Air Quality

By choosing environmentally-friendly cleaning, you create a better breathing environment for everybody. Air quality has a drastic impact on the operations of your business and has been shown to improve performance by 4 to 16%. As a result, you breathe better and get more work done. Plus, if customers or employees have preexisting conditions like allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues, they are likely to see significant improvement after green cleaning services.

Green Cleaning is Better for the Planet

Green cleaning is better for your business, better for your employees, and better for the planet. If your business cares about your footprint on the environment, choosing a greener cleaning option from Eagle Janitorial is a wise investment. Our solutions have less impact on the environment than traditional chemical cleaners. 

Our solutions do not use harmful toxins. In fact, all of our natural solutions are environment friendly with the Designed for the Environment (DFE) label. The Department of Environmental Protection (EPA) approves our cleaning solutions. We follow standards to reduce chemical exposure for both cleaning workers and building occupants.

Green Cleaning with Eagle Janitorial 

At Eagle Janitorial, our goal is always to leave your place of business clean from top to bottom. If you choose our green cleaning option, we will remove bacteria, dust, and other harmful substances fast via greener solutions and techniques. For example, our cleaning tools, like microfiber dust mops and HEPA® micro-filtered vacuum cleaners, trap harmful particles fast without damaging your environment. Plus, we disinfect only when required and use green products for paper and plastic. You can contact us today to Go Green with Your Cleaning Services at 888-730-1122.