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3 Must-Have Cleaning Solutions for Any Place of Business

Keeping your business clean should not be a hassle. Nor should it cost you tons of money for cleaning solutions that might not get the job done right. Knowing which cleaning solutions and products work best for all types of cleaning at your business is a skill. We are happy to help you with some great cleaning solutions for your business. We also provide janitorial services for commercial properties of all kinds. Our team at Eagle Janitorial works to provide amazing business cleaning services that save you time, money, and energy from DIY cleaning. After all, cleaning your entire business from top to bottom is hard work that you shouldn’t have to do yourself. 

Our professionals are seasoned technicians who know how to clean properly using proven business cleaning solutions. They have years of experience, work fast, pay close attention to detail, and use eco-friendly options for green cleaning products. Learn more about our team and services on our website now. Here are three must-have cleaning solutions for any place of business. 

A Simple Vinegar Water Mixture

It might seem like you need harsh chemicals to truly clean your property. However, this is far from true, as many of those chemicals actually do more harm than good. In fact, a simple mixture of water and vinegar can be effective at blasting away grime on surfaces. When it comes to effective and affordable green cleaning DIY solutions, a basic vinegar water mixture can go a long way to deeply clean your property. In cases where more extreme steps should be taken, this is a great start to cleaning the surface before following it with sanitization or disinfecting solutions. 

Don’t Forget Baking Soda 

Additionally, baking soda is another cheap but effective tool for cleaning. Professional cleaners use baking soda solutions to tackle staining substances, grease, grime, and dirt of all types. It works great on both tile flooring and countertop surfaces. While it isn’t the best solution for sanitization, it’s a great start for areas that need to be cleaned in an office, store, or similar setting. At Eagle Janitorial, we often use solutions that have a base of baking soda. 

Professional-Grade Green Cleaning Solutions 

While vinegar water and baking soda both have their place, especially for DIY cleaning on the fly, professional-grade green cleaning agents are also critical. At Eagle Janitorial, we care about the planet and your health. Therefore, we never use harsh chemicals that could put your business, employees, and customers in danger or cause damage to your property. Our solutions do not contain harmful toxins; they bear the Designed for the Environment label (DFE). Our green cleaning agents are perfect for business cleaning to EPA standards. 

Business Cleaning with Eagle Janitorial 

When it comes to eco-friendly, affordable, and less-stressful business cleaning, Eagle Janitorial has your back. We offer green cleaning solutions that help you stay on top of your cleaning schedule. We also offer a cleaning rotation that best suits your needs from weekly to bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly with in-depth services. Learn more about us by visiting our website. Contact us at 888-730-1122 today to set up your free consultation process.